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How do I buy some Sunw?

I want to buy some Sunw stock real bad, but my mom says I have to wait until I’m older and I have to clean my room or I won’t get any allowance to buy stocks with. I can’t wait that long. I am going to shovel my neighbors driveway and see if she’ll give me 5$ or some fresh baked cookies. If she gives me the cookies, I’ll sell them to my friends at school tomorrow and then I can use that money to buy the stock but where!!!???!

YOU can buy whatever you want, although I would respect your parent’s wishes. After all, they do feed you and let you stay in their house and do stuff.

Sun Microsystems is currently selling at about $6.50 per share. You are going to pay a fee to buy one share. If I were you, I’d start saving. When you think you have enough, just go to a broker and do it.

(You may want to research to find out about minimum purchases. On-line brokerage accounts usually have a $500 or $1000 or $2500 minimum, and stock brokers will likely do the same thing. Even though you have enough to buy one share, it may be that you have to save enough to make a minimum purchase before anyone will do it for you.)

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