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I finally found this item?

Organic gluten free green tea. Now, experts suggest I boil water in a pot for 1 minuet, place the bag of tea in the pot, cover the lid and then let it sit for 10-15 minuets. Also, experts say to drink 2-3 cups of green tea to get maximum benefits. Is 2-3 cups per day fine safe wise?
EDIT: toomuch, once I boil the water, I dip the tea bag for a few seconds and then I let it sit in the boiled water for 15-20 minuets covered. Of course it will be cold, so I re-heat it. What’s wrong here?
EDIT: toomuch, I don’t care about the taste. Weather the tea is bitter or not, I am doing this for the health benefits of green tea.
EDIT: *Whether

Fun recipe, calling for you to dance the minuet ;-P

Sounds like bad advice you’ve received.

-Actually, you should wait 30-60 seconds after the water boils (that is, that you’ve turned off the heat), not immediately after it boils, to add the green tea. Otherwise you’ll extract bitter compounds out. Boiling for a minute doesn’t make a difference, since the water will always be 100 degree Centigrade, whether it boils for 5 seconds or 5 minutes.

-Steeping depends on the quality of your tea. Are you using loose leaves, or bagged tea? If you’re using loose leaves, only steep for 3-5 minutes. Less depending on what the tea bag manufacturers use (they use lesser quality, i.e. smaller, like dust, tea leaves, which don’t require much steep time). If you’re using loose leaf tea, allow the tea to float freely in the water, and then strain. You don’t want to crowd the tea.

-Drink as much tea as you want. I don’t drink it often because I’ve very sensitive to caffeine. Just make sure you go easy on the sweetener. If you make green tea properly, you don’t need a sweetener.

EDIT: If the taste is fine for you, then nothing. But usually that’s way too long steeping time, and it will cause other compounds to be extracted from the tea leaves, making it bitter. If you remove the tea leaves after 5 min, then re-heating is a non-issue.

If it’s more convenient for you to come back to it 20 min later, then it’s really up to you. All of these steep rules are built for the general population, but if you like your tea the way you make it, then it’s correct.

Growing up, my parents always over-steeped their tea, so I didn’t like it. When I started making it for myself, my mom was surprised by how little time I steeped it. So I learned the hard way that over-steeping = bitter.

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