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Obama Goes For A Lunchtime Stroll, Talks Shutdown, Promotes Sandwichs (timeblogs)

And on the fourth day, they went out to lunch. With Democrats and Republicans
still at loggerheads over the federal budget, President Barack Obama and Vice
President Joe Biden took a stroll Friday afternoon to a nearby sandwich shop
for some midday nourishment. In shirtsleeves, the heads of the Executive
Branch shook hands and waved at tourists and assembled workers along
Pennsylvania Ave. as they walked to Taylor Gourmet, a Washington hoagie chain.
Obama told reporters he and Biden were “starving,” but that they decided to
visit the restaurant because it is offering a 10 percent discount to
furloughed federal workers. At one point in the store, Biden refused a request
from the President for some of his cookies. “It’s one package, man. I’m not
giving you my cookie,” Biden said, according to pool reporters at the shop.
Obama responded to an anonymous quote in the Wall Street Journal from a senior
administration official that Democrats are “winning” the government shutdown
stalemate, saying “there’s no winning” and “no one is winning” as long as
Americans are out of work. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney tweeted
earlier that the administration “utterly disavow[s]” the quote. The …


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