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Cran Raspberry Crumb Bars Recipe & $100 Giveaway! (blogspot)

November means the arrival of cooler weather, and the beginning of the holiday
season. Cranberries play a starring role in holiday fare, in part because
their season is so fleeting. But raspberries, which grow practically year
round here in California make for attractive co-stars (check out their
availability on the Driscoll’s calendar). With this in mind, I set out to make
a jam bar that would highlight both fresh berries.

Tangy and buttery my Cran Raspberry Crumb Bars are the result of a happy
accident because I let the food processor run a little too long. Instead of
chopping the nuts, I pulsed the almonds along with the sugar until they were
completely pulverized. Oops! But all is well that ends well. Perhaps jam bars
are popular because they are hard to mess up?

Cran Raspberry Crumb Bars would be perfect for a holiday cookie party or to
give as a gift. The bottom of the bars is basically almond shortbread and the
filling is a very lightly sweetened combination of the fresh cranberries and
raspberries. The organic raspberries I used were grown in the US and provided
courtesy of Driscoll’s. They balanced out the …


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