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I need ideas for a teen new years party?

so I’m having a new years party and I need Ideas. so far i’ve got sledding and a bonfire. i need help with what food to have and what type of music to play. any other ideas are greatly appreciated. thanks in advance

well since you have a bonfire you’de better not forget the marshmallows everyone loves to roast marshmallows =)


finger sandwhiches
hot chocolate
a big bowl of different candy
holiday sugar cookies

play the top 40 or whatever station plays popular music around your area or here’s a quick list of some popular songs

I kissed a girl-Katy Perry
Bleeding Love-Leona Lewis
Get Low-Flo Rida
Hot N Cold-Katy Perry
Womanizer-Britney Spears
So What-Pink
Shake it-Metro Station
Love Song-Sarah Barrelies
Please Don’t Stop the Music-Rhianna
Viva La Vida-Coldplay
Whatever you like-T.I

If you wanna make the party special though, do something a little more memorable. Have the sledding during the day and at night plan something a little more glamorous. A lot of people have formal partys for New Years, maybe you could host the party at a hotel if you have can somehow get the cash. Play games like spin the bottle. And do little memorablias of 2008 that everyone can look at whether it’s songs from the beggining of the year, memories with friends, old photos, etc and make sure you have everyone gather around to watch the ball drop. Also it wouldn’t hurt to put out a little champagne as long as you make sure no one gets drunk.

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