Homemade Baked Beans

when did you give your baby baked beans?

I am not planning to give my baby baked beans all the time. she is currently 6 months old eats 3 meals a day and loves her food. She has eaten the 7 months jars for some times.

You can feed your baby pureed plain beans starting at 8 – 10 months of age.


Are you planning to feed homemade baked beans, or purchased canned ones?

Baked beans can contain any number of ingredients in addition to the beans – tomatoes, vinegar, peppers, many spices, many sweeteners including sugar, molasses, and even high fructose corn syrup. They can also contain different sources of fat, including bacon and hard-to-digest soy.

Choose a brand that does not include additives or soy ingredients.

Tomatoes are not recommended until 10 – 12 months of age, so I wouldn’t recommend a brand including tomato sauce until that age.


I would recommend waiting for her digestive system to develop a little more before feeding home cooked plain beans. Test plain beans without spices and see how she processes them before going on to more complicated baked beans. Then wait until she is old enough for tomatoes, and test them alone before you test them in combination with the beans. Then, if she tolerates tomatoes, beans, and the other spices in the beans, find a brand without additives or filler ingredients, or make your own from scratch, and test those!

Good luck!


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