Homemade Chocolate Cookies

What secret santa gift could I give to my best friend?

This year my class is having a secret santa, and i got one of my best friends. Our budget is $10 and i was planning on getting her a $10 giftcard to either tim hortons or starbucks, a big candy cane, and a couple of homemade chocolate cookies… is that good? or should i get her something else?

yea those are really good ideas. i would suggest a $10 gift card to the mall. so they can chose out of a variety of stores. candy cane and cookies is a GREAT idea. he/she would really enjoy that. yummy! i would also suggest some lotion if its a girl. becuz its getting cold and dry skin. its also something they can really use. HOPE I HELPED!

How to Make Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

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