Making Chewy Cookies

Baking cookies (making bottom softer?) Need help ~30 min?

Im just making some quick cookies for a snack for myself.
everytime i make them the bottom is like really cripsy. i want them more softer.
on the package it says dont used a greased cookie sheet.
I use a heart shapes flat sheet.
I’ve buttered it a little bit before, and it just made the cookies taste like butter…

The package says 400 degrees 12 minutes, and i usually do 400 for 10 minutes, so its not crispy. isnt working..
can anyone help me plz?
I forgot to add:
Im using Already made Pillsberry cookie dough

Crispy not burnt?
Substitute brown sugar for some or all of the white sugar. The molasses will make chewy cookies but will change the taste slightly, great in oatmeal cookies may not be in choc chip.
Reduce cooking time if still too dry.

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies – Video Recipe

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