No Sugar Cookie

What do you still do every Christmas and what have you let slip by?

I used to go nuts and bake and bake but I have streamlined my foods list to the things I love the most. I make a Swedish cookie called a Fattigman or something like that. It means poor mans shoe buckles. I make rum cake and egg nogg and mish mash party mix. This year I am trying a very rich chocolate carmel cheese cake. But that is it. No fudge no sugar cookies etc. So what are you doing and not doing? What do you just have to have to make it Christmas? Mish Mash party mix is the only from childhood thing I still must do.
I still deccorate a lot. My newest perchase is large sparkly deer.
Cleo, tell me more about injecting ham with rum. I am having a ham and that sounds interesting. I usually just do the clove pineapple thing.
Thanks Cleo, I will be looking for one today. I love the idea of rum mixed with pinapple juice!

Allymac I have streamlined the baking thing as well. Only making two kinds of cookies, chocolate and peanut butter fudge. We end up gifting these items to our wonderful neighbors. One old guy starts dropping the fudge hint to me as soon as the weather cools down. He’s a wonderful and robust farmer of almost 80. Whenever we have a huge snow and no one can get out, he comes down the road on his tractor and scoop to plow a path in our driveway. He knows that our old tractor doesn’t have a working scoop. What a thoughtful guy.
I will make most of the Christmas Eve dinner for my sister and brother in law. I found a Spiral sliced ham on sale in Nov. and froze it. I’ll inject it with rum and pineapple juice. I’m making scalloped potatoes and taking freezer corn.
I make an overnight cinnamon roll recipe which takes about 5 minutes to prep for Christmas morning.
That will be the extent of my domestic goddess trip this year.

Allymac you can buy the injectors at your local Walmart or probably even a Butcher Shop. Look in the cooking utensil section. I just mix rum with the pineapple juice and draw it up in the syringe. I’ve had good luck doing this on hams in the passed. If you have left over mixture just drizzle it on the ham. As it bakes, baste it with the juices. I’ll also bake it with pineapple rings on top.

Julian Bakery : Zero Cookies : Gluten Free No Carb No Sugar Cookie!

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