Pasta Bake Recipe

Tuna Pasta Bake recipes?

Can you tell me any nice recipes please

tuna pasta bake

Ingredients :
Dried pasta to serve 4 (I find shells work well with this, but again, down to preference)
2 tins of tuna (I use in springwater)
1 tin of mushroom soup (condensed works best, but if not, cream of mushroom)
1 tin of sweetcorn
1 onion chopped mushrooms
2 cloves of garlic
2 tablespoons of extra low fat cream cheese
1 handful of low fat grated cheese
lots of black pepper

Recipe :
1-Add pasta to boiling water and cook according to packet instructions, whilst this is cooking, prepare tuna sauce:

2-Chop onions – fry with garlic til slightly translucent, but not brown, they should add a crunch to the finished dish.

3-Add tin of soup.

4-Add sweetcorn.

5-Add mushrooms.

6-Drain tuna tins and add.

7-Add cream cheese and grated cheese.

8-Add lots of blak pepper.

9-Drain the pasta when cooked.

10-Add pasta to the sauce and toss.

11-Serve straight away with more grated cheese if required and garlic bread (low fat of course!)


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