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A Lifetime Of Secret Recipes Is A # 1 Best Seller On Amazon!

A Lifetime Of Secret Recipes Is A # 1 Best Seller On Amazon!
A Lifetime Of Secret Recipes Is A # 1 Best Seller On Amazon!

November 20, 2013 – Roanoke, VA — Global Media LLC of Roanoke, Virginia is very excited to announce that Bernice Craddock's famed Cookbook has made it to #1 best seller in its category just in time for the holidays.

A Lifetime Of Secret Recipes: 500 Southern Recipes From A Mother's Kitchen is a marvelous & rare collection of international, domestic, southern cooking, soul food and comfort food recipes probably ever assembled.

Just in time for your Thanksgiving Feast or Holiday Parties you can probably find most any holiday recipes you are seeking or discover some new ones!

If you have ever grown a garden it is no secret that the homegrown ingredients are what made a meal the best. That is what Bernice Craddock did with her cooking to become so infamous. And now, the same collection of home cooked southern recipes is being brought to you.

Bernice G. Craddock focused her entire life on being a great wife, mother and homemaker. She spent nearly 88 years taking care of her family and showing what s a great example of what a family should be.

So, to a large degree, great cooking represented her life and she always did it to the best of her ability. Her preparations were always the talk of every gathering. Every time she made something she had to give the recipe to someone. Her infamy became very widespread through Virginia and the Carolinas. This cookbook is essentially a representation of her life.

At 78 years young, she decided to write her own cookbook. Her greatest challenge was narrowing it down to her 500 “most favorite” recipes. She accomplished it and sold out three hardcopy printings very quickly in local shops around Virginia.

This collection is now available in e-reader and hard copy on Amazon.

About Bernice Craddock

Bernice Craddock – a renown Southern Cooking Queen made famous with these recipes!

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