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molasses in gingerbread house nessisary?

ok so im making a gingerbread house but the recipe calls for 2/3 cup of molasses. i dont have molasses and im not running out to the store to get any. also i read that honey can substitute it? what about just not using anything at all?

You can substitute honey, but be aware that it will be VERY sweet and, well, honey-tasting if you do that. Use a little less if you can do it without affecting texture.

Corn syrup or maple syrup can also be substituted (watch the texture with maple syrup too, as it’s thinner than molasses, so you could probably get away with less).

One question, though – are you worried about the color of the result? Because if you don’t use molasses or something similarly colored, it’s not going to look the same anyway – why not find another kind of rolled cookie recipe?

How to Make Rolled Sugar Cookies

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