Spaghetti Bake

Name all the American Food and Drink you can?

I want to try as much american food and drink as I can when I go there. Name some famous food and drink?

Apple pie, peach cobbler, blueberry cobbler.

Hot dogs, smoked sausage, hot links.

Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, meatloaf.

Macaroni and cheese, baked beans, cole slaw, pasta salad, macaroni salad.

Corn on the cob, fried okra, mashed potatoes and gravy, collard greens.

Pizza, Hamburger helper, chicken helper, tuna helper, shake and bake chicken or pork chops.

Shepherds pie, chicken pot pie, stuffing.

Lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken spaghetti, baked spaghetti.

Tacos and burritos, enchiladas (beef or chicken).

Biscuits and sausage gravy, omelet’s, hash browns, grits.

Salsa and guacamole.

Chicken fried steak, fried chicken.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup, chicken noodle soup.

Chicken and dumplings, beef tips over rice or noodles.

The club sandwich, french dip, phillcheese steaks.

Waldorf salad, chef salad, asian chicken salad.

Tuna salad sandwiches, chicken salad or ham salad sandwiches.

Corn dogs.


iced tea, raspberry tea, green tea.

dr.pepper, coca cola, sprite, mt. dew

lemonade, raspberry lemonade, lemon limeaid.

gatorade, powerade, capri sun.

orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice.

How to Make Baked Spaghetti

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