Stuffed Baked Potatoes

What can a vegetarian eat at ted’s montana grill?

My mom wants to take my brother and I there for our graduation dinner. I’m a vegetarian and I took a look at there menu and it seems like all they have is meat, am I correct and If not what do they have that is meatless
please don’t hate on me for not eating meat. I just don’t like how it taste and I feel bad for the animals. I don’t hate on you for eating meat.

Oder a stuffed baked potato. Or you can order an appetizer as a meal and their is usually one without meat. Oder a salad but if it comes with meat just ask them to make it with out it. If you find a pasta dish or something on the menu don’t be afraid to ask them to make it with out it. I do it all the time. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 3 years.
Oh and right on about the vegetarian thing. I hate it when people try and coax me into eating me or tell me i’m stupid…and you aren’t trying to force them be a vegetarian so why should people try and force you to eat meat? You sound very nice(i hate the vegan/veggie that say people who eat meat are evil it’s a person’s body and they can eat what they want). I became a vegetarian for the same reasons and wish i had done it a lot sooner,i have tried so many new foods because of it as well.
edit: call them and ask if you want to be really sure.

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