Sugar Free Cookies

Coconut Sugar – Organic. As Viewed on Dr. Oz.

I love, love, LIKE to cook. I also love to consume everything that I cook.

Unlike my friends, who prepare and afterwards offer everything away, I am not able to withstand tasting everything. And afterwards tasting becomes binge eating. Exactly what is wrong with me?

Well, I went to my physician and we got discussing my diet. He stated that I’m generally pretty healthy, but I actually need to beware about the amount of sugar I am putting into my body.

He also stated that I do not need to offer it up, necessarily. Simply consume in small amounts and select the right kind.

Well, that stuck with me. I have tried to use other sugars when baking, but I just didn’t like the means any of them worked. White sugar (or brown!) is just the very best.

That was till I enjoyed Dr. Oz.

He discussed this coconut palm sugar that can be utilized much like regular sugar but has numerous more health benefits and does not influence your blood sugar level as much.

I bought it as soon as possible.

I discovered a brand name on Amazon called Quality Creations Coconut Sugar. It appeared very duper fancy and healthy (vegan, GMO-free, unrefined, unbleached, blah blah). I figured if I was gonna have “healthy sugar”, I might as well go entire hog.

And boy am I happy I did …

I initially tried the coconut sugar in my morning coffee. It tasted precisely the exact same! And I didn’t feel any sort of unusual slump later on.

Then, I utilized it in muffins, brownies, cookies, you call it. Every little thing tasted just high quality.

I know this is probably extremely harmful, and I will try to moderate my sugar consumption, but holy cow. I am a changed lady.

You can discover Quality Creations Coconut Sugar on via the apples+oranges retail store. It’s just $11.95 for a pound and it lasts permanently (well, for those who do not experience 8 cups a day …).

Seriously, guys. Try it out. You’ll love it!

As seen on “Dr. Oz” – “perfectly brand-new sugar replacement” that keeps blood glucose level stable.

Can change regular sugar in any dish 1:1 and you can’t tell the difference!

Coconut sugar consists of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron

Natural. Unrefined. Gluten free. GMO free. Vegan.

Coconut sugar consists of 16 out of the 20 amino acids assisting improve the immune system.

coconut sugar
Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cookies

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