Tube Baking Pan

shaped tube baking pans….. I have some that I bought used so?

the recipe book is gone. They are shaped like a star, flower and heart. I have used them for bread but the box says it can be used for cakes also. They are a light weight metal pan with a cap you put on each end. Has anyone used them before and how did they work on cakes????

Hello. I am a Pampered Chef consultant and we sell and have sold several shapes of this type of bread tube. Not sure if this is the brand that you have, but I’ll provide you with some details.

Our model is not designed for baking cakes, but has many other alternative uses, some of which I have included for you below.

In addition to baking bread, you can use the end of the tube as a cookie cutter or to create shapes with sliced cheeses and meats. You can also fill it with a Rice Krispie-like mixture to make a quick shaped treat or freeze sherbet or ice cream in it to make a cool, fun treat. Hope this helps!

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