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are ready made cake mix boxes any good?

I have offen seen ready bake cake mix packets in shoppes but do they work

Yes they do work. They are a step up from shop bought cakes because they are fresh and you can control the level of doneness (I know, I made that word up). It is also a great place to start if you are interested in baking ‘properly’ as it will help build your confidence with using baking equipment and raw ingredients. It’ll probably surprise you how simple baking really is, after all, the finished product will most likely end up edible at the very least.
However, nothing compares to making a cake using simple, additive-free ingredients at home and from scratch. It allows for so much more variation in the recipe, you really can tailor make a cake to your very own personal tastes. And when you manage to make an impressive cake that turns out exactly how you hoped and that everyone enjoys, it is very rewarding. It’s a useful skill to have too, for christmas, birthdays, easter etc etc.

Konig Mini Rex G2000 used bakery equipment

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