Vegetable Bake

What are some good things that I can eat for dinner while on a diet?

Something easy to fix and good for dinner that doesn’t have a lot of calories?

i have a few ideas
How about pizza?
You can cut some bread and put some tomato paste on add your favorite toppings on such as tuna, sweetcorn, onion, cheese, ham gwhatever you like a simply grill until cheese has melted or you can place in a pre-heated oven on gas mark 4

Another idea is pasta bake its quick and it dosent have alot of calories
if you add some good tomato sauce and tuna onion and vegetables bake in the oven for 20-30 minutes.

Fish are all good for dinner and they dont require long cooking time fish is cooked when the flesh can easily be flaked off
Howabout salmon? or cod steaming is good and dosent need any fat you can also bake in the oven with soysauce spring oinons and make it chinesy what do you think?

or how about paella, fried rice or sushi?
Sorry i cant fit all the ideas on here i have too many but i can give you some recipes if you likex

Vegetable Bake

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