Vegetarian Baked Beans

what are some things you need to know before becoming a vegetarion?

well ive cut meat out of my diet for a week and a half now but my dad keeps argguing with me saying its not healthy and im going to get sick…

what do i need to know and are there specific things i’ll need to take (like vitams) i bought b12 supplements and teen for her vitamins,is that enough?

and what amout of fruit and vegetobles do i need to take daily to stay healthy

and i hate salad :[

some tips or suggestions i would love!

First of all, this is going to be the hardest time emotionally for you as a new vegetarian. I highly recommend joining a vegetarian support website (there are many, just use Google). Finding someone who is also a new vegetarian to use as an emotional support buddy would also be worth considering. I remember being where you are now. My mother kept saying “Can’t you wait, can’t you just wait until another time?” I also remember being in the car, pretending to be asleep, and listening to my mom’s boyfriend talk about how I was going to start feeling weak, how she should be afraid for my health. He even scared me a little, it sounded like they were planning my funeral. But I stuck with it, kept my back straight and my head held high, and I’m damn proud I did. I have faith that you will make it too. People will make fun of you. People will tell you terrible things that aren’t true. Your parents may make it especially rough. But you know why you are doing this, DON’T GIVE UP. You are reducing the demand for meat, and by doing so you save over 50 lives a year. Feel like you’re slipping? Open Google, click images, and type in “baby pig” or “baby chick”. We don’t do it for ourselves, we do it for them.

Now to your health! You are already on the right path buying B12 vitamins. These are crucial. After that, don’t stress yourself out. MorningStar Farms is my best friend, and Boca products are good as well. You don’t have to eat salad. Trying vegetarian refried beans, vegetarian baked beans, fresh potatoes, vegetables and fruits that you are used to and enjoy, and whole grain pasta and bread. The key in your first few months is not to run around thinking “I need to eat healthy, I need to eat healthy!” All you do by worrying is put yourself at great risk for getting the damn swine flu. Just stay calm and take it day by day. Breakfast? Vegetarian cereal with soymilk and a fake meat substitute (I love MorningStar Farms sausage patties). Lunch? Peanut butter and jelly sandwhich and apple slices. Dinner? Pasta, vegetarian pasta sauce, and an assortment of cooked veggies. And wala! You have made it through the day. Don’t make it harder than it is, just trust your instincts and you will do just fine.

And last, watch the ingredients. Lard is in beans but many fat-free beans are vegetarian. Jello is not vegetarian. Not all cheese is vegetarian. Avoid KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut like your life depends on it. Avoid lies. Taco bell has “vegetarian” food but they poor chicken fat on it for “flavor”. Know your enemy: soy lecithin. It’s in EVERYTHING and usually not vegetarian, when it is it will say so. And always, always, always know what you are eating. Eating at home means YOU get to see it prepared.

I am always here for emotional support and advice if you need it.


Baked Beans – Cooking with The Vegan Zombie

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