Wedding Cake Recipes

Does anyone know of a good wedding cake recipe?

This cake needs to be 4tiers. It needs to be white & chocolate for alternating layers. I want to use whip cream and strawberries to join layers of the cake together. If this does not work, then I will use buttercream frosting instead. It needs to be able to hold up in the weather, because we are having an outdoor reception and ceremony in july 2007. I want something that I can start to make about a week in advance. Maybe freeze the cakes to be stacked and decorated later. I will be using fondant to decorate the cake and make the accents. Does anyone know how long fondant accents will last? I have made and decorated many cakes in the past, but never a tiered cake. All help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone.

Have you thought of using Mock Marzipan Strawberries?

Also fondant coating will be moist and pliable if stored in the refrigerator.

Making a Wedding Cake, Part 2: Baking and Filling the Layers

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