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Smart Or Feature: What Wholesale Cell Phones Need to You Be Seeking For?

Cell phone could be immensely well-liked and heavily marketed, but wholesale cell phones with fewer applications and easier designs nevertheless have a lot of faithful consumers and buyers. These easier, ‘dumber’ models appeal to markets that place massive orders for feature phones in bulk – which means that they nevertheless have a place in a world dominated by a craze for the latest mobile phones.

So what are the primary differences among these two and which one is really far better with all factors taken into consideration?

Cost Point

The most glaring distinction among the two varieties of smartphones is the cost of each. Your typical smartphone can cost anyplace among 200 to 1,000 USD. The typical feature phone, even so, expenses much less than 50 USD and rarely ventures above the 75 USD mark even when they have a rudimentary digital camera built in. This distinction alone makes the unlocked wholesale cell phones without ‘smart’ capabilities a lot more eye-catching for these in developing countries and practical-minded men and women alike.

Application Ecosystem

Smartphones have the clear benefit right here, especially these operating Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android systems. These operating systems have access to a wide array of apps that greatly improve the utility of smartphones. It will be up to the user to customize the applications as he or she sees fit. The feature phones of these days, even so, are beginning to integrate some of the more vital applications into their systems. There are wholesale cell phones out there that can run Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and even standard anti virus applications as long as they have wireless World wide web access. These feature phones could not be as customizable as their smart counterparts, but this gives them more possible utility without drastically raising the cost point.

Battery Life

Smartphones could have lots of applications to improve functionality, but it does so at the expense of becoming in a position to operate longer without a recharge. Bulk phones without smart capabilities need drastically much less energy to function typically, which allows them to last for practically a week even with heavy use. In contrast, your typical phones will last about two to three days if not utilised that much. If it sees heavy use, then it will need to be charged at the end of the day. This is why feature phones make for an eye-catching pitch for bulk mobile phone orders catering to these that prioritize longevity over customizability.


The open nature of mobile phones make them drastically more defenseless to viruses and malware than their feature friends. Most wholesale cell phones without smart capacities work utilizing a closed operating system that demands a lot of tweaking to modify. This makes them more secure in the long term. The typical mobile phone also records more personal data thanks to the account particulars and payment services that the phone saves for use by applications. Losing a smartphone will lead to a key security breach in terms of privacy, whilst losing ‘dumb’ wholesale phones will lead to much less liability.


Smartphones have turn into a status symbol, with the latest and most costly devices serving as badges of one’s monetary capacities. Bulk phones share little to none of this prestige, especially in developed countries where these in high-ranking positions are expected to carry their personal cell phones around with them – even if these men and women rarely maximize the processing energy of their smartphones. This trend also encourages men and women to swap out a perfectly excellent phone simply simply because it is no longer in fashion.

Bare these in mind and you will be in a position to determine which indeed is far better when looking at catalogues of wholesale call phones!
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