Wholesale Baking Supplies

I need some hlep with my baking need?

ok..so im starting a business and its a cake decorating business. so im gonna get a bunch of supplies from the store. were not gonna have a store were just going to do it at home. so i need soem help? ok so i need to know hwere i can get some good sweet fondant at a good price. and then also i need some edible cake paint. so hlep me!!?

You also need a license to operate a business out of your home and to have your kitchen inspected by the health department regularly in most cities. You should check before you start.

As for baking supplies, just enter ‘wholesale food’ or ‘wholesale baking supplies’ in the search box and look. You will need to compare prices and delivery fees and minimum order requirements, so anyone telling you the cheapest price for you would not be accurate. They would only be guessing.

You need to find out about shelf life and storage so you do not over order.

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